Replacing the original 1977 skywalk connection over Queen Street, this +15 pedestrian link revitalizes the connection between the Hudson Bay building and the TEC. With the bridge being completely encased in glass, the lighting was only able to be integrated into the box beam structure at the sides and underbelly of the bridge and into the floor surface.

Three different mounting locations of lights were provided: pathway kicker lighting, diffuse side and indirect lighting, and under structure lighting.  The interior light levels were achieved solely from the side and under structure diffuse lighting.

Custom light fixtures and housings developed with the architect are mounted to the sides and under-belly of the rib-like steel box beam structure of the bridge, with power feeds threading through the beams.  The cool white light reflects off of the frosted solid glass interior surfaces lending additional contrast. Custom LED linear strip lighting is integrated into a reveal at the edges of the tiled pathway.

A DMX system control all the static white LED sources on the bridge. Several control scenes are used to adjust frequency and rhythm creating light shows over the course of the night.