TD Conference Centre

An abandoned subterranean film theatre in the TD tower was repurposed into a world class conference center for TD. Multi-tasking lighting was required for formal meetings, multimedia presentations, plus evening events. The challenge was to create the illusion of daylight throughout.

“Architectural” and “daylight” lighting treatments were developed in tandem. “Architectural” treatments address surface materials, feature elements, millwork, and art. Simulated “daylight” treatments are incorporated into ceiling planes and wall slots, shifting color temperature throughout the day.

Lighting is concealed in light boxes, coves, slots or integrated with ceiling systems. Multiple, separately controlled layers of diffuse and point-light comprise the flexible lighting system for the meeting rooms.

CCT adjusting ceiling systems were designed for circulation areas so that from within the meeting spaces the frosted glass partitions glow, suggestive of windows beyond. An artificial skylight product resides in reception, while wall slots throughout also simulate daylight with both concealed top mounted accent lighting and a linear source that makes the slot glow.

A below grade commercial event space that relies solely on artificial light feels luminous and natural. The multiple layers of light and controls make this possible, all are discreetly blended into the materiality of the space.