The Sydney Harmon Hall  is a state-of-the-art midsized theatre venue for outstanding local national and international performing arts companies. Sidney Harman Hall (SHH) was added to the existing Lansburgh Theatre to create the “Harmon Center for the Arts” complex. Opened in 2007, the SHH is the home of the Shakespeare Theatre Company (STC), designed to address the STC’s expanded programming mission.  The SHH offers flexible staging for virtually every kind of performance and stage specifications – the stage can be altered to a thrust, end stage or proscenium configuration, and the stage floor is fully trapped.

The SHH called for some rethinking of the public and private nature of performance, and outreach to local arts and performance groups.  A key space in this equation was the creation of an open lobby/ reception area as the “signature” pre-performance room. The full height glass façade opens up to stunning city views from both the Orchestra and the Mezzanine levels. The Mulvey & Banani Lighting Design team worked with the daylighting and perimeter curtain wall lighting to increase the transparency of the room, and broadcast the presence of the SHH to the street life below. A flexible lighting control system allows for changeable lighting schemes to accommodate a variety of pre-performance events.  Winner of the Toronto Section Illumination Engineering Society (IES)- Interior Lighting Design Awards (2009)