After winning a global competitive bid to reimagine the lighting systems for both the Canadian ‘Horseshoe Falls’ and American ‘Bridal Veil’ Falls , this iconic natural outdoor wonder received a stunning upgrade, a light show reimagined by MBL and team.

Using online mapping technology, advanced simulation software and extensive analytics, the team spent more than a year rigorously prototyping a new LED design concept. The following year was spent testing the technology, on-site and at remote airstrip locations in order to mimic the real-world application, ensuring the landmark’s natural beauty would be enhanced.

Housed in heated bunkers, 1,400 RGBW LED modules distributed over 100 lighting panels generate light beams that appear in continuous streams, amplifying the crest of the Falls. 350 separate control zones with full colour-mixing capability were established, enabling a more seamless coordination of lighting displays, programmable lighting opportunities and a greater overall command of the illumination system.

For the first time, the integration of custom user interfaces offers the ability to schedule lighting events to sync with surrounding events, festivals and public attractions. The environmentally accountable LED design even helped reduce the Falls’ energy output by 60-80%. This design is maintenance-free and designed to last for 25 years – a significant leap from the previous lamps’ lifespan of 1,900 hours.

Watch the MBL produced and directed short documentary on the design and implementation of this monumental project: