Kimpton Hotel

An existing hotel was purchased by Kimpton Hotels and transformed with a whimsical décor.  As a renovation, the project inherently had limited access to ceiling plenum space for new lighting, in some cases no access at all. Additionally, the owner group was relying on custom light fixtures as a differentiator for the brand, but needed budget friendly solutions.

In keeping with the hotel brand, the décor pays homage to the local area, making references to adjacent neighbourhoods. A vibrant, organically arranged combination of custom furnishings, original artwork and playful wall coverings, connote a relaxed residential interior.

Custom wall, floor and table fixtures are prominent elements in both public and private spaces; the oversized multi-pronged wall mounted fixture in the lobby “living room”, the elevator lobby’s theatre-like infinity mirror, the integrated guest suite bedside lamp-and-table, and suspended ceiling pendants.