Situated in a historic building built in 1905, Google was looking to integrate four key themes into their space: work, rest, food, and fun. The lighting design was synchronized with the organic designs and themes of each space. Environmental sensitivity was key, as the team sought to meet LEED v4 energy guidelines, not yet available in Canada.

‘Planned randomness’ was the theme- LED luminaires of multiple shapes and styles were used throughout the facility, accommodating a variety of tasks while enhancing the theme of each unique space.

Eco-friendly controls were also implemented, taking into consideration the mobile work environment. Daylight and occupancy sensors were installed throughout the facility and 0-10V dimming protocols were specified across all luminaire types. A network-based control platform allowed full control over lighting in both localized and widespread areas of the facility.

Each space was also designed with occupant comfort in mind. All sources were specified at 4000K, suiting the client’s standard practices. A mix of direct and indirect sources ensured that the needs of each space were met, while still targeting recommended lighting levels.