The Deloitte tenancy required a lighting design that would channel the company’s brand and help create an urban hub for employees. Unassigned seating meant open office spaces were practical and uniformly lit with 3500K energy-efficient recessed troffers and suspended linears, allowing specialty lighting applications in feature spaces to shine. The office contains dozens of unique workspaces, lounges and collaboration spaces. This project achieved a LEED Gold Certification as a 0.64w/sq.ft. LPD.

Interaction spaces on each level are treated with pendant luminaires in 4’, 6’ or 8’ lengths and integrated into the custom suspended blade ceiling. A custom fixture suspends over the Collaboration Bar, creating a warm canopy feel for the occupants working below.

A vibrant green floating staircase in the atrium encourages movement and interaction through wayfinding. Linear luminaires are incorporated directly into each step, while nested colour-changing floods provide a vibrate punch to the stairs’ green underside from ground level.

Recessed RGBW linears frame the podium’s 6-storey atrium, programmed to subtly change and mimicking colours of the transitioning sky outside. The system uses separate control units to create a multi-coloured space celebrating coloured light in the corporate environment, adaptable to any social function or theme.

One of the featured spaces includes an icebreaker modular ceiling using suspended cylinders providing sparkle while RBG grazers cross the horizontal surface. This multi-use space interchanges between dining and large presentations.