CN Tower

The CN Tower’s observation level was renovated to revitalize the visitor experience.  A glare controlled, shielded lighting scheme was required to set up optimal viewing conditions at night, allowing the view to take “centre stage”.

The lighting design is orchestrated to be brighter, more playful in the centre core of the observation level that contains exhibits, visitor orientation and concessions, etc., and extremely subtle toward the circular glass viewing perimeter.

A new feature glass floor observation deck stacked above an existing one was a success due to light ratios targeted and met, necessary for the installation to work. The strategy was to use the technique of a two-way mirror that allows the viewer to see through one side of the glass but not be seen from the other side of the glass.

The color changing RGBW linear lighting is programmable for special events. The linear fixtures have custom louvers to prevent reflection onto the glass perimeter.  Indirect color changing cove lighting along the inner core creates a variety of different moods throughout the day.