The project was designed by Antoine Predock Architect as a light filled building comprising of 5 spatial environments which include Experience Stages, Forums, Documentary Zones (theater) and Refuges. The Museum will also include an Introductory Theatre, Observatory and the Tower of Hope, a 20-storey glass structure overlooking the horizon.

The CMHR is the first museum in the world solely dedicated to the evolution, celebration and future of human rights and the first Canadian national museum to be built outside the National Capital Region.  The Museum uses immersive multi-media technology and other innovative approaches to create an inspiring encounter with human rights unlike anything before.

Mulvey & Banani Lighting created soft and ethereal lighting that emits from key surfaces/materials in synch with the building narrative of the ‘journey of hope’- from the earth “roots” up through the backlit alabaster winding ramps that access the galleries and on toward the Tower of Hope.

Some pivotal LED advancements helped the ramp lighting design evolve into a cost effective solution. Many mockups were performed and the lighting details influenced the final ramp design.

The Garden of Reflection at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights is designed to evoke a tranquil and natural feeling for visitors. Lighting is subtle, concealed and heavily textured like natural light. Step lights and pattern projectors are used for general light wall washing to illuminate large natural stone surfaces.