More than just a pretty glow, lighting brings vitality to our cities


Lighting that interacts with us and engages us:
Twilight descends, and lighting installations in our streets and public spaces beckon and engage us, reinforcing urban design narrative, mood, theme and energy. We need to create an approachable environment in the evening. Lighting is now a digital medium; it integrates well with technology which means it can interact and easily communicate with its environment and enhance its surroundings, it can connect us. We light in layers to ensure that the lighting is rendered clearly for pedestrians. We work to create a layer for ambient general lighting, a layer that enhances the site elements such as buildings and structures, and a final layer that uses feature elements to engage and interact with users.

Lighting that promotes a safe environment:
Responsible lighting levels and the use of engaging dynamic lighting concepts has been shown to increase the perception of safety.

Lighting that respects the local ecosystem:
Nighttime lighting should respect the local ecosystem and consider environmental impacts. To maintain distinct nighttime and daytime behaviors, we can restrict up light to prevent sky glow and impacts on migratory birds, as well as uncontrolled artificial light on all organisms.

Lighting that connects us:
More than just a pretty glow, Toronto’s new Bloor Street Campfire Benches have warmed a lengthy track of previously disparate urban elements from Jarvis Street to Avenue Road. Store fronts, sidewalks, planters, trees, and bike lanes are now thematically connected by a series of what are essentially large custom light fixtures in the form of cosy campfire benches. The benches offer a welcome respite, a place to meet up, and linger awhile- a delightful intervention with a narrative we can all warm up to.