Front and centre – lighting for arts and culture has a far-reaching influence on a venue’s identity.


We all miss live performance – the warmth, the sounds, and the spectacle of a bricks-and-mortar venue.

More than just a pretty glow, lighting brings vitality to our cities


Twilight descends, and lighting installations in our streets and public spaces beckon and engage us.

Reflections on CITYLights Nuit Blanche- not your average sleepless night


From dusk to dawn, Nuit Blanche provides a public ‘playground of light’ for one, enchanting night.

Lighting for indoor rock climbing is looking up


Hub challenged MBL to the task of re-thinking how best to light a rock climbing gym…

Human Centric Lighting: More Than A Design Trend – The Future


The research is telling us that light is the strongest time cue “peacemaker” for the circadian rhythm. When I first read Dr. Satchin Panda’s “The Circadian Code”...

Why SLEEP is the #2 “Disruptor” to the lighting design culture


I’ve got 15 slides to convince you! Why SLEEP is the #2 “Disruptor” to the lighting design culture. Excerpt from Paul Boken’s presentation at IESNA Calgary AEFI.

The IES award program means some fun annual rituals for the MBL team.


This year, MBL was awarded the “Toronto IES Illumination Section Award” for seven of seven submissions: TD Conference Centre, CN Tower...

Stirring up drama: how exterior lighting revitalization projects can deliver sustainability, savings, and cultural value


Exterior lighting defines the city nightscape- it creates a sense of identity, a local landmark, that orients citizens...

The WELL Standard and What it Means for Lighting


Thoughts on the WELL Standard and What it Means for Lighting.

Deloitte – Office of the Future Video


This multi-use tower located in the downtown financial core required a lighting design that would channel the company’s brand and facilitate an enhanced urban hub for its employees.



Disturbing Graffiti - Nuit Blanche 2017 Installation #69

MBL Leading the Way With Lighting Design That Transforms


With a rapidly growing portfolio of urban projects, company uses technology led design to trigger emotions, add theatrical animations, and engage users in new ways

Daylight: How Can Lighting Designers Re-Connect?


Daylighting in architecture is not a new concept, but the standards and design requirements that help quantify the…

Hierarchy and Contrast: Lighting Less to Achieve More


There is a visual hierarchy to the order in which the human eye perceives space and materiality. The importance…

The Colours of Niagara: Relighting Niagara Falls


The majestic beauty of Niagara Falls, a series of three impressive waterfalls that span the border between Canada and the state of New York,...